China is one of the biggest tourism exporting nations in the world, and tourism market in China is still growing, and is expected to grow for many years again. Travelling has had a major importance for the development of the culture and the economy in China’s history, spreading knowledge of religion, the arts, science and expending commercial relations with foreign countries. However, visiting and learning have always been activities offered to a happy few, until the beginning of the 00’s when, if a real revolution could be witnessed regarding the Chinese legislation for travelling abroad, the rise in purchasing power of a part of the Chinese population has really helped the exceptional growth of this sector.
Chinese tourists use to come from a good social class, are interested in travelling for pleasure but also for social status, with an average spending quite high compared to other types of tourists and very specific requests. The difference compared to these last few years is that the Chinese tourist profile is diversifying, and that the tour operators should take this into account if they intend to keep on attracting Chinese tourists.
Taipan helps developing strategies aimed at attracting Chinese tourists. It provides support during all operations, from the market research to the promotional stage and receiving the customers.