Taipan offers a wide range of professional services and advice in diverse fields such as tourism, fashion retail, consumer goods, furniture, service and institution sector, and luxury. Each member of our team specializes in each particular segment and builds long term relationship with the key players in the industry. This enables to start each project with a clear understanding and vision of the objectives, the main issues and the solutions for all the forecasted problems. It enables as well to gain a competitive time advantage for the client who want to start being operative on a project in the shortest timings.

  • Tourism

    China is one of the biggest tourism exporting nations in the world, and tourism market in China is still growing, and is expected to grow for many years again. Travelling has had a major importance for the development of the culture and the economy in China’s history, spreading knowledge of religion, the arts, science and expending commercial relations with foreign countries.

  • Services

    The recent focus of the Chinese government agenda has been to move way little by little from the production with the aim to increase the impact of the service industry on the total GDP of the country. China is investing a lot to make its service industry grow, and this is indeed what is happening, especially in the major economic center of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou.

  • Public institutions

    Public institutions have an important role in China business world. In China private and public are often mixed, and it is important to understand the role of each player inside each business. The role that foreign institutions play in China is also extremely influential for a country private and public business in China.

  • Luxury

    China has become in recent years one of the most important market for international luxury companies, often the first one in terms of numbers. Many companies have been surviving the recent crisis thanks to the rapid increase of the luxury Chinese market.

  • Consumer goods

    Consumer goods market is the one with highest rates of growth in all China. From fashion retail to home products, from food and beverage to gift and accessories, companies in any sectors are looking to the growth of China internal market as one with the highest potential for the next decade.